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AL Batting Average
Rank Name  BA
1 J. Altuve, Hou.337
2 R. Cano, Sea.332
3 A. Beltre, Tex.326
4 V. Martinez, Det.324
5 M. Brantley, Cle.321
6 L. Chisenhall, Cle.317
7 M. Cabrera, Det.315
8 K. Suzuki, Min.312
9 M. Trout, LAA.309
10 M. Cabrera, Tor.307
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NL Batting Average
Rank Name  BA
1 T. Tulowitzki, Col.340
2 M. Adams, StL.324
3 A. McCutchen, Pit.318
4 C. McGehee, Mia.315
5 J. Morneau, Col.312
6 J. Lucroy, Mil.312
7 P. Goldschmidt, Ari.310
8 Y. Puig, LAD.308
9 S. Gennett, Mil.305
10 H. Pence, SF.304
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AL Home Runs
Rank Name  HR
1 J. Abreu, CWS29
2 N. Cruz, Bal28
3 E. Encarnacion, Tor26
4t D. Ortiz, Bos24
4t M. Trout, LAA24
6 B. Moss, Oak22
7t J. Donaldson, Oak21
7t V. Martinez, Det21
9t A. Pujols, LAA20
9t G. Springer, Hou20
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NL Home Runs
Rank Name  HR
1 A. Rizzo, ChC25
2 G. Stanton, Mia23
3 T. Tulowitzki, Col21
4 T. Frazier, Cin20
5 M. Byrd, Phi19
6t P. Goldschmidt, Ari18
6t J. Upton, Atl18
8t I. Desmond, Was17
8t A. McCutchen, Pit17
10t K. Davis, Mil16
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AL Runs Batted In
Rank Name  RBI
1 M. Cabrera, Det80
2 M. Trout, LAA76
3t J. Abreu, CWS74
3t N. Cruz, Bal74
5 D. Ortiz, Bos72
6 J. Donaldson, Oak71
7 E. Encarnacion, Tor70
8 B. Moss, Oak67
9t A. Pujols, LAA66
9t K. Seager, Sea66
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NL Runs Batted In
Rank Name  RBI
1 G. Stanton, Mia66
2t P. Goldschmidt, Ari65
2t A. Gonzalez, LAD65
4 A. McCutchen, Pit63
5 I. Desmond, Was62
6t R. Howard, Phi60
6t J. Morneau, Col60
8t R. Braun, Mil58
8t M. Byrd, Phi58
8t M. Montero, Ari58
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AL Stolen Bases
Rank Name  SB
1 J. Altuve, Hou41
2 J. Ellsbury, NYY27
3 R. Davis, Det25
4 A. Escobar, KC22
5 E. Andrus, Tex20
6t J. Dyson, KC19
6t J. Jones, Sea19
6t J. Reyes, Tor19
9t C. Gentry, Oak18
9t L. Martin, Tex18
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NL Stolen Bases
Rank Name  SB
1 D. Gordon, LAD45
2 B. Hamilton, Cin40
3 B. Revere, Phi28
4 E. Young, NYM26
5 S. Marte, Pit21
6 J. Rollins, Phi19
7t C. Blackmon, Col18
7t C. Gomez, Mil18
9 D. Span, Was17
10 A. McCutchen, Pit16
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